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Zone 2  
It's the off-season. Doesn't mean the pissing contest ends. Everybody knows a guy like this in their riding life. Or a bakers dozen of them. (NSFW: language)

Inspired Bicycles presents Danny McAskill  
Just when I thought that I've seen every "sick" video of urban trials riders, along comes this stunning piece produced by Dave Sowerby for Inspired Bicycles, as beautifully shot as McAskill's abilities showcased here are utterly mind-blowing. Within 10 days of its release, the video's view count reached epic proportions, ranking amongst the highest of all-time online clips in any category.

Streetfilms: Hal Grades Your Bike Locking 3: The Final Warning!  
NYC-based Bicycle Habitat's inimitable spokesperson Hal shows how bikes should be locked up in the bike theft capital of the U.S., then does a 3rd video round of merciless lock-job evaluations.

Streetfilms: Critical Mass SF Halloween 2008  
Rare Street Films coverage of Critical Mass. But Halloween in SF isn't just any Mass ride. And having been there myself this year, I too can say a bloody jolly time was had.

Obama sez "Don't Let Up"  
The Obama presidential campaign uses a now-legendary viral video clip to illustrate a point about getting one's ass up and off to the polling center. See the always-painful original version.

NYC CityRacks Design Finalists  
The NYC Department of Transportation along with Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Google and Transportation Alternatives have been sponsoring a CITYRACKS design competition. This piece showcases some of the finalists, the winner among which will be selected on October 24, 2008. Public comments regarding these designs are encouraged.

Vélib / Bikes as Transportation in Paris  
My mother spends half her time living in France now and bubbled to me during our last stateside visit about this wonderful bike sharing system they have in Paris. She's no cyclist, and yet has been remarkably receptive to this city resource -- something symbolic of this concept's success in Paris and in other European cities.

Bike Jukebox  
This automated bicycle parking garage in Tokyo works like a giant jukebox, and it can store 9400 bikes.

David Byrne's Bike Racks  
From the Wall Street Journal: Former Talking Heads frontman and bicycling enthusiast, David Byrne, takes a ride out to Brooklyn to show off his latest project, designer bike racks. Reed Albergotti reports. (July 18, 2008)

Bat for Lashes: What's a Girl to Do  
Watch it enough times, and maybe you'll be humming it during your evening commute for months to come. Gah!

Dumbest Bike Lanes  
Slate V went looking for the dumbest bike lane in America, and gets treated to images of contenders from all over the world.

Trainer n00b  
Some rites of passage are just too damn painful to watch. But God bless the soul who doesn't give an ounce of shit making himself look like the biggest loser all over the Internet. (Hey brother, mebbe the next clip outta you will be an off da hook wheelie while on those same rollers, eh?)

Scraper Bike Double Feature  
Another Oaktown phenomenon: immortalized by the Trunk Boiz, satirized by some squishy butt crack up from Canada (eh). (For your edjumucation: origins of "Scraper")

Miller: Alternative Fuels  
2007: Global warming messaging hits the mainstream, and this TV spot by Errol Morris for Saatchi+Saatchi is one of the finer examples of the theory revealed. Let's just hope people who waste away on their couches in front of the tube have the wisdom and emotional wherewithal to actually be inspired into action. Now if only Miller didn't taste worse than donkey piss...

Yogurt vs. Gasoline  
Produced and directed by the Neistat Brothers. A Manhattan face-off between a Ducati and Schwinn yields some truly delightful results. I soooooo wanna do a San Francisco trans-bay version of this film, partly because Lisa and I ride the same vehicles (Schwinn, Ducati) and because I know we'd get similar results here in similar conditions and terms.

Tokyo Drifting  
Street drifting? This here is how it's done, baby.

Flatland BMX  
I used to love making fun of punks and their BMX bikes, telling them to throw that shit away and get a real bike. But lemme tell ya some of those big air dudes and those crazy skilled flatlanders never cease to make my jaw drop clear down to the dirt every time I see one of their sick shows. Here's one fine example, and so many more to see on YouTube, like this one.

BikeCar Documentary Promo  
Travis Parker, Louie Fountain and Scotty Wittlake approached travel differently this past winter. Putting snowmobiles and 4x4's to shame, the crew traveled across the Northwest through Idaho, Washington and Oregon in a bikecar. See the official film site.

EPO Te Quiero  
In the spirit of the 2007 Dope de France, we seriously need some comic relief. Produced by Laplage Records.

Bike & Train Tours: UK Old School  
A short film about a day out cycling in 1955, made by the British Rail film board. Rando and retro geeks, feast your eyes. Commuter advocates, dig the bike storage facilities on the train (yes, over fifty years later, no U.S. rail line offers anything that comes close, but Caltrain gets honorable mention).

This is 50s content... you're gonna love the music and narrator tracks. And the duds on those boys and girls: seriously, can't touch this. Don't miss Part 2 of the film, clickable at the end of this selection.

Trackstand as Party Showstopper  
Presented by Cadence West. Yeah, that boy Burd Phillips got game; he's pretty smooth. This clip got 'hip' written all over it.

Try the Patch  
Directed by Jim Swanson and Kristen Steele. A short film that uses the metaphor of smoking on an elevator to unveil the truth about transportation pollution. The myth of the "green" car is similar to myth of the "light" cigarette.

Ask your doctor if it's right for you.

If only Oaktown sideshows looked more like this. Waaaaait a minute... he got drop bars on that BMX?

Badass Trials Kid  
I've seen me some trials videos all over the place, but this kid... Damn.

Crazy Bike Acrobat  
Every poseur on a street fixie with "skills" just got served.

Bike Kill / Black Label Bike Club (Brooklyn, NY)  
Directed by Rachel Meyrick

Bike Thief  
See how easy it is to rip off a bike in Manhattan? Directed by The Neistat Brothers

Premature victory celebration  
The price you can sometimes pay when you think you're pro shit.

NYC Drag Race  
IMO, the best of the bunch shot and directed by Lucas Brunelle. I likes me some metal and riding in the concrete jungle.

Leeched Clips
Girl Meets Bike  
A film by John Hopkins (with Laura and Matt Thompson) about Marin mountain bike phenom and WOMBATS founder Jacquie Phelan.

2005 Bicycle Film Festival Trailer  
Directed by Jesse Erica Epstein

Lance "Magnet" Nike Spot  
Aw, crap. I've really fallen for the hype now... Lancey boy AND Nike. Shit, must be nice to have a lotta dough to shoot a spot.

Fat Tire Ale: "Anthem"  
Feel-good, warm and fuzzy advertising. Man, I guess beer really is a positive force in blissful, simple living.

Fat Tire Ale: "Night Ride"  
"Not everyone can relate to what you and I appreciate..." Oh, indeed.

The abandoned bicycle  
Humanisation of a neglected bicycle in the aesthetic spirit of the Sad Bike collection.

MTB ravine crash  
Dude survived the incident with much fewer injury than one might expect from seeing this. But this just goes to show how easily stupidity is bred by a dare and video camera.
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